Meet our stud

Brennorman Bonfire Bert of Vongeleen

This is our most precious Mac. 

He was the first Schnauzer we bought as a couple and still has a special place in our hearts. He is a sturdy, athletic dog with a big personality. He loves to play fetch and is by far the fastest dog in the pack.  He breeds beautiful, healthy, and strong puppies but what stands out is that they inherit his kind spirit. 

Mac flew to us from Brennorman Schnauzers in Cape Town. He is by an imported dog, Maverick, who is from a long line of European champions. He has a lovely show quality coat and a lovely expression. We will be retaining some of his daughters in the future.

The thing I enjoy most about him, is his exhuberant joy. If he sees you he leaps, spins, dances and talks with enthusiasm. Seeing him, is knowing that I am loved. He loves to go for walks on the farm and is a very obedient and trainable dog.


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