Meet our lovely ladies

Bongolio Skatz of Vongeleen (Schatzie)

Schatz came to us when her owner moved and was unable to take her with. We are so thankful since she is a wonderful dog. She is ruler and queen in the yard, but only because she does not see herself as a dog. 

Her big, beautiful eyes light up when she sees you and if you glance in her direction she dances like a ballerina op tip toes with joy. She is always where the action is and still plays like a puppy. In the stud she has produced healthy, strong puppies with amazing temperaments. Schatz is a devoted mother. She has tried to raise two litters at once (poor Piep struggled to stand her ground because she is so soft and sweet) and continues to play with and discipline her puppies long after they are weaned. For more photos.

Hadashua Hadassah of Vongeleen (Dassie)

Dassie is as dassie does. You can find this agile little black and silver schnauzer in the most random places, up a tree, running along a wall or sleeping on a book shelf. She is wherever the action is happening, but only if I am not around. When I am home you will find her sleeping at my feet. She is very eager to please and super intelligent. She has just had her first litter and we are excited to see  how her pups mature. For more photos.

We never want to grow our kennels beyond our pet-owner capacity. Every dog is an individual who needs love and attention. You might be able to farm with sheep, but dogs are our companions and it is completely unethical to treat the as anything but family.

If you are looking for a puppy or you would like to visit us on the farm…

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