About us

About Us

We are situated on Langplaas Boerdery, a 1000 hectare vegetable farm. Gert is a third generation farmer with big plans for the future. He is a positive and enthusiastic person with a passion for healthy farming practices which produce healthy food and healthy people.

I am a stay at home mom, with our daughter Taliah, our dogs and our horses. We aspire to do everything as well as we can, including breeding Miniature Schnauzers. 

Gert’s family have owned Schnauzers since he was a child. He loves the breed and has many fond memories of some very special dogs. After we got married we bought our first two miniature Schnauzer pets, Mac and Piep

Gert knew them to be wonderful family dogs and had it in the back of his mind to breed quality dogs. He has always had an eye for quality and bought them from a good breeder. They both came from imported dogs. Back then I had no idea we would ever own more than two dogs! Along came Schatzie. We adopted her when her owner moved and was unable to take her with. Schatzie came pregnant. Needless to say we fell in love with that puppy and decided to make further contribution to the breed. We have also added Hadeshua Hadassah or Dassie to the pack.

We aim to breed dogs that comply with the breed standard, but our emphasis lies on healthy robust family dogs with great temperaments. We are happy about their pedigrees, but boast of their character. You want a dog that adores you and impresses your guests with their intelligence and charm. Please read about such dogs on our testimonial page.

Our dogs are our pets. They sleep indoors, have access to a large garden, accompany us in the car, occasionally go on holiday with us, go with when we cycle,  go horseback riding, or walk on the farm. We keep them clipped, innoculated, dewormed, fit, groomed, in good condition and clean. Our dogs and puppies are all KUSA registered, microchipped, innoculated, dewormed, handled, socialized and fed a good diet. We place breeding restrictions on all of our puppies to protect them from exploitation. If you are interested in a puppy please note that we only place puppies with families where they will not be left alone during the day or be banned to the back yard. All prospective owners are required to sign a strict contract regarding the purchase agreement and future life of the puppy.

Our puppies are born indoors under my close supervision. We make time to handle, socialize, love and potty train each puppy. For more on the way we raise our puppies and how you can take care of your new puppy please visit our puppy care page

Read more about the breed standard

Read more about the breed


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